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Totally Free Business Forms Online

If you are looking for a business form to provide some general information or a beginning place for your objectives, then a common free business form may be enough to take care of your needs. There are plenty of free business forms available online from many websites that you can copy free of charge.

Business forms are essential instruments for almost everybody in today's economic world. Eventually you'll require a business form to resolve a situation or maybe to assist someone else with their situation. Some free business forms can be useful and will let many people accomplish some simple everyday tasks without the need to hire a lawyer or some other professional.

The Most Popular Business Forms Are:

Bill of Sale Forms
Purchase Agreements
Employment Contracts
Independent Contractor Agreements
Construction Contracts
Non-Compete Agreements
Promissory Notes
Confidentiality Agreements
Tax Forms
Incorporation Forms
Partnership Agreements


Should you require a business form specific to your particular circumstances then a common free business form might not be good enough to provide for your needs. You need to give serious consideration about purchasing a professional document written by a lawyer or other business specialist. Using a common business form when a professional one is needed could be very risky.

What may appear to be an easy-to-understand document could possibly cause unintended consequences because of some legal terminology you thought you understood but really did not. Furthermore, some business contracts are unenforceable in certain states.

Example: Employee non-compete agreements are not enforceable in California. However, when selling a business in California a non-compete can be enforced between the buyer and seller.

Even if a particular agreement is enforceable in your state, you still must be careful. Should you draft an agreement (e.g., a non-compete) in such a way as to make it to restrictive or unreasonable to the other party and you end up in court, a judge may rule against you because of your overly restrictive agreement. It takes an experience attorney in this area to know the difference. Without the assistance of an attorney you are making a very risky guess as to what is considered to restrictive and what is not.

Use Your Common Sense

It is very tempting to avoid using an attorney for a business form to save money. Before you decide to take that path, you might want to consider what could happen should your business transaction fall apart because of a poorly written free business form or agreement. The cost of a fighting in court or defending against a lawsuit makes the legal fees a lawyer would charge you for a business form a real bargain.

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